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Beneath the Surface - Creed #18

  The Holy Spirit has spoken through the prophets, and He speaks through them today.  Let's delve!

Beneath the Surface - Creed #15

  Does God, who is all-merciful, actually judge us?  What is the role of Jesus in judging of the living and the dead?  Why is there a second judgment on the last day if the soul is already judged at the moment of death?  This and much more on The Creed: BTS, 15.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #14

  What does it mean that heaven is "up"? Why does Jesus 'ascend' rather than just disappear? Is there an "up-ness" to God and heaven? How might we think about this?  Let's go beneath the surface!

Beneath the Surface - Creed #13

  Our thirteenth episode in the series, The Creed: Beneath the Surface.  We delve into the awe-inspiring meaning of Christ's gloriuous resurrection, and how it affects us.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #11

  Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano and his special guest Fr. Tony Blount on the Incarnation and spousal relationship between the Holy Spirit and Mary.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #10

  Why is heaven considered "up" and hell "down"?  Is there any real spatial significance to this?  What about heaven is up?   Let's delve Beneath the Surface, where faith and reason meet..

Beneath the Surface - Passion of Christ

  Delve beneath the surface on the meaning of the events that lead up to Jesus' sacrificial death.