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Beneath the Surface - Mary's Role in Reversion to Catholicism

  Bernie Choiniere and Bob Leblanc share their personal reversion stories back into Catholicism, and how the Blessed Virgin Mary had an important role in that process.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #14

  What does it mean that heaven is "up"? Why does Jesus 'ascend' rather than just disappear? Is there an "up-ness" to God and heaven? How might we think about this?  Let's go beneath the surface!

Beneath the Surface - Fatima

  The apparitions of Mary at Fatima have changed the complexion of the Church and the world.  What were they about, and why are they important?

Beneath the Surface - Divine Logos

  Scripture attests that God's infinite and eternal nature is not only Love, but also Reason or Truth.  What does it mean that God is Reason, and what are the ramifications for other religions that believe God is Volition but not necessarily Reason?  Is it possible to have Agape without Logos?

Beneath the Surface - A Charlie Brown Christmas

  What can Charlie Brown, Linus, and the Peanuts gang teach us about Christmas?  A lot.

Beneath the Surface - St. Nick Meets Santa

  What happens when the historical St. Nicholas meets the mythical Santa Claus?  Listen and find out.

Beneath the Surface - Pursuit of Happiness

  Host Paul Murano speaks with Kent Niebuhr on the pursuit of happiness: The original documents of our nation speak of it, but how have we over the years been pursuing it?  What is happiness, and how do we attain it?  We take a light look at happiness in popular songs, and then go beneath the surface on what it means to be happy.

Beneath the Surface - Is it Wrong to Lie to Kids About Santa?

  Join my guest Kent Niebuhr, father of seven, as we go beneath the surface on whether on not it is okay to mislead children.

Beneath the Surface - Dignity of Work

  What is the role of work in a person's life?  What does it mean that all work was meant to be pleasurable and now it is redemptive?

Beneath the Surface - Last Four Things

  Join us as we delve beneath the surface on what is traditionally taught as the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell.