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Beneath the Surface - Why?

'Why?' is perhaps the most important question in the world.  We begin life asking it.  Why do we stop?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - The Incarnation

On the Solemnity of the Annunciation, Paul and Kent discuss one of the three greatest moments in the history of the universe: the Incarnation.

Beneath the Surface - Faith and Fear

What role do faith and fear have in our lives?

Beneath the Surface - What Is Beauty?

What is beauty?  Is it objective or simply subjective taste?  Where do we find the ultimate standard?

Beneath the Surface - Single Woman in a Secular World

What is it like being a woman, over 40, and single in a shallow materialist and relativist world?  How does one navigate through the snares and pitfalls of it all and survive?  Three women of different backgrounds and levels of faith will let you know their take.   Must-Hear radio!

Beneath the Surface - Common Sense

Why is common sense so uncommon today?

Beneath the Surface - St. Nicholas Meets Santa

What happens when the historical St. Nicholas meets the mythical Santa Claus?  Listen and find out.

Beneath the Surface - A Charlie Brown Christmas

What can Charlie Brown, Linus, and the Peanuts gang teach us about Christmas?  A lot.

Beneath the Surface - Loving Your Enemies

One NT passage that distinguishes Christians from Jews and from the world is Jesus' command to love one's enemies.  Is it possible?  With God's grace it is not only possible, but is the only hope of bringing peace to a fallen world.