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Beneath the Surface - Meaning of Advent

  Join Paul and guest Kent Niebuhr discuss the profound double meaning of the Advent season.

Beneath the Surface - Resurrection of the Dead

  The resurrection of the dead is the most important event in human history, and the center of the Christian faith.  But what is it?  Who does it apply to?  How is resurrection different than resuscitation?

Beneath the Surface - Hell

  What is hell? Is it real? How would one end up there? Is it everlasting? These questions and more are tackled -- beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - The Election from a Catholic Perspective

  Join Paul Murano and his guest Kent Niebuhr to delve beneath the surface on the practical and spiritual elements of the 2020 presidential election.

Beneath the Surface - Necessity of Chasity for Society

  What is chastity, is it possible, and how important is it for civilization?   Let's go beneath the surface with Paul Murano and his guest David Gorden!

Beneath the Surface - Objectifying Persons and Humanizing Animals

  Is there a correlation between the objectification of persons and the humanizing of animals?  Go with us beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Peace

  What is Peace? Why are we so often not at peace, and why is it so elusive?  Let's go beneath the surface on what Christ wants to give us despite, or in the midst of, the unsettling storms in our lives.

Beneath the Surface - What Is Faith?

  Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano to find out how we humans are a believing species, and to examine what is meant by the all-important word 'faith', without which there is neither sanity nor salvation.