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Beneath the Surface - Creed: One God

#2 in our series The Creed: Beneath the Surface Episode 2: (i believe)  IN ONE GOD

Beneath the Surface - Creed: I Believe

Join Paul Murano in this  first episode  of a new Bts series on The Creed, called,  The Creed: Beneath the Surface Here we begin with Paul and his guest Bob Leblanc delving beneath the surface on the first two words of the Nicene Creed:  I believe Some of the questions tackled: What the difference between belief and faith? Belief and knowledge? Can you believe and still not accept? When is belief salvific?

Beneath the Surface - Equality

Are all men created created equal?  Is equality something to be grasped at?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Universal Basic Income

Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano as he interviews John Tuturice on the notion of a Universal Basic Income - something Democratic candidates have been speaking about.  Is it social justice or socialism?

Beneath the Surface - MLK and His Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham jail was a profound exposition on the natural moral law. It has ramifications on morality and law for us today.  Fascinating discussion!

Beneath the Surface - Mary and the New Eve

It's fascinating how Mary in Scripture unties the knot Eve helped us get into. She is the new Eve inasmuch as she is the un-Eve that repeats the opposite of her predecessor.

Beneath the Surface - Scientism and Dogmatism

Scientism and secular progressivism "hate" dogma, but have as many dogmas as Christianity. The problem is they're not as rational.  In truth, what fuels these movements is not a hate of dogma, but of Christianity. Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano and his guest Robert Leblanc to uncover the meaning of it all.

Beneath the Surface - Trinity: The Central Mystery of Catholicism

How can God be both One and Three - without contradiction?  Give a listen to this insightful dialogue between Paul Murano and his guest Bob Leblanc on the foundational Christian mystery - One God revealed as three Persons, consubstantial and co-eternal.

Beneath the Surface - Who's the Boss?

Authority is found in every living body and community in the world, secular and religious.  Paul and guest Bob Leblanc delve beneath the surface on the meaning and purpose of authority - the beauty of its use and ugliness of its abuse.