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Beneath the Surface - Why Is There Something Instead of Nothing?

Hear what Paul and his guest John Tuturice say about the ultimate question: Why is there something instead of nothing? Must-hear radio!

Beneath the Surface - Loving Your Enemies

One NT passage that distinguishes Christians from Jews and from the world is Jesus' command to love one's enemies.  Is it possible?  With God's grace it is not only possible, but is the only hope of bringing peace to a fallen world.

Beneath the Surface - Abolition of Man

Beneath the Surface - Unraveling My Father's Suicide

We go beneath the surface with author Kathleen Laplante on her book and how she survived her father's suicide. From confusion, to anger, to despair, to hope in Christ.

Beneath the Surface - What Is Faith?

Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano to find out how we humans are a believing species, and to examine what is meant by the all-important word 'faith', without which there is neither sanity nor salvation.

Beneath the Surface - Meaning of Relationships

Delve beneath the surface with Paul and his guest Kent Niebuhr about the nature of relationships and whether or not human beings are monogamous.

Beneath the Surface - Faith and Fear

What role do faith and fear have in our lives?

Beneath the Surface - Purgatory

What is Purgatory?

Beneath the Surface - Church-State Relations and the Supreme Court

Go beneath the surface with Paul and his guest Bob Leblanc on the meaning church-state separation as well as the new pick to the Supreme Court.