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Beneath the Surface - Loving Your Enemies

One NT passage that distinguishes Christians from Jews and from the world is Jesus' command to love one's enemies.  Is it possible?  With God's grace it is not only possible, but is the only hope of bringing peace to a fallen world.

Beneath the Surface - Cleansing of the Temple

We can use Christ cleansing the Temple in the Gospels as a metaphor for the continuous need of the Church to be cleansed as well as the temples of our own hearts.

Beneath the Surface - Purgatory

What is purgatory?

Beneath the Surface - Lent in the Age of Hedonism

I go beneath the surface with my guest Tom Murphy on the purpose of sacrifice and penance and the challenge of living Lent in an age of self indulgence.

Beneath the Surface - The Transcendence and Immanence of God

Delve beneath the surface with Paul and guest on how God can be both very far and very close - simultaneously.   Christianity includes the best of Deism and of Pantheism in its understanding of God as being separate and transcendent of His creation, yet closer and more intimate to us than we are to ourselves.

Beneath the Surface - The Many Faces and Titles of Mary

Who is Mary the mother of Jesus, and why does she have such a central role in salvation?  Mary as the new Eve, the new arc of the covenant, the icon of the Church, and the mother of all in the order of grace.

Beneath the Surface - What Is Beauty?

What is beauty?  Is it objective or simply subjective taste?  Where do we find the ultimate standard?

Beneath the Surface - Human Nature and Sports

On the day after another New England Patriots superbowl victory (#6), we ponder beneath the surface the meaning of sports and why it impacts us, sometimes so deeply.