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Beneath the Surface - Ideology

In this show we go BTS on the topic of ideology. 

Beneath the Surface - Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Why do people sacrifice themselves and what is the motivation for martyrdom?  We ask some serious questions about this universal phenomenon.

Beneath the Surface - Meaning of Life

Tonight we go BTS with my guest John Tuturice on perhaps the biggest question of there is: What is the meaning of life?

Beneath the Surface - Peace

What is Peace? Why are we so often not at peace, and why is it so elusive?  Let's go beneath the surface on what Christ wants to give us despite, or in the midst of, the unsettling storms in our lives.

Beneath the Surface - What Is Fatima and Why Is It Important?

The apparitions of Mary at Fatima have changed the complexion of the Church and the world.  What were they about, and why are they important?

Beneath the Surface - Participation in the Transcendence of God

Go beneath the surface on the question of being, and of grace, and how as creature we participate in the eternal Creator.

Beneath the Surface - Truth-Telling and Politics

Is truth telling and politics mutually exclusive? It certainly shouldn't be. We delve beneath the surface on its importance and why it's seems so elusive.

Beneath the Surface - Objectifying Persons and Humanizing Animals

Is there a correlation between the objectification of persons and the humanizing of animals? Go with us beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Bringing Up Kids In A Post-Truth World

What it's like to raise kids in a post-truth, post-sane world. Kent tells us some of his concerns and solutions.