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Beneath the Surface - Mary as the New Eve

It's fascinating how Mary in Scripture unties the knot Eve helped us get into. She is the new Eve inasmuch as she is the un-Eve that repeats the opposite of her predecessor.

Beneath the Surface - Race and Racism

We go beneath the surface on the concepts of race and racism, tackling questions such as these: Are there biological races?  What does human variation tell us?  Is it racist to be aware of racial distinctions and generalities?  Is Donald Trump a racist, as much of the mainstream media claims?  

Beneath the Surface - Peace

What is Peace? Why are we so often not at peace, and why is it so elusive?  Let's go beneath the surface on what Christ wants to give us despite, or in the midst of, the unsettling storms in our lives.

Beneath the Surface - Human Nature and Sports Part 2

On the day after another New England Patriots superbowl victory (#6), we ponder beneath the surface the meaning of sports and why it impacts us, sometimes so deeply.

Beneath the Surface - Loneliness

An epidemic of loneliness and depression has sprouted up in recent times. Paul and guest Johnny T delve beneath the surface on some its potential causes and solutions.

Beneath the Surface - Human Nature and Sports

Join Paul and his guests John Tuturice and Daniel Flaherty, owner of  and author of the book "Great 1980s Sports Moments," delve beneath the surface on why sports exist and why we care so much about them!

Beneath the Surface - Contraception Part 2

Join Janet Smith and I for part two of my interview with her on contraception and Humanae Vitae.

Beneath the Surface - Contraception Part 1

Dr. Janet Smith, author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later, joins us beneath the surface as we delve into the truth about contraception - what it does to women, their health and well being, their prospective mate-selection; how it affects infertility, libido, the environment, and what it also does to males.  Crucially important information. This is a 'part one' of a two-part interview.

Beneath the Surface - Equality

Are all men created created equal?  Is equality something to be grasped at?  Let's go beneath the surface.