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Beneath the Surface - Scandal and the Laity

The title speaks for itself. A Catholic explains why being faithful to the Church in the midst of corruption isn't as hard as some might imagine. And, it is the only reasonable response.

Beneath the Surface - From Desert to Garden

Hear the reversion story of a regular BTS guest.

Beneath the Surface - Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Why do people sacrifice themselves and what is the motivation for martyrdom?  We ask some serious questions about this universal phenomenon.

Beneath the Surface - Saint Nicholas Meets Santa Claus

What happens when the historical St. Nicholas meets the mythical Santa Claus?  Listen and find out.

Beneath the Surface - Separation of Church and State

What does separation of church and state really mean in the context of the framers' intent to our day and age?  Have a listen.

Beneath the Surface - Veterans' Day and World War I

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1 with Paul and his guest, amateur historian Bob Leblanc.

Beneath the Surface - Rival Conceptions of God

There have been various conceptions of God throughout history.  What are some and are they essentially different?

Beneath the Surface - Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham jail was a profound exposition on the natural moral law. It has ramifications on morality and law for us today.  Fascinating discussion!

Beneath the Surface - Reigning Cats and Dogs

Join me and my guest Bob Leblanc discuss the grave importance of sacred authority and the formulation of truths, in order that the means of salvation may be made intelligible to us all.