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Beneath the Surface - Universal Basic Income

  Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano as he interviews John Tuturice on the notion of a Universal Basic Income - something Democratic candidates have been speaking about.  Is it social justice or socialism?

Beneath the Surface - Music and Culture

  Hear Laurie's adventures with top pop stars of yesteryear, and her take on how pop music has shaped our culture.

Beneath the Surface - Participation in the Transcendence of God

  Go beneath the surface on the question of being, and of grace, and how as creature we participate in the eternal Creator.

Beneath the Surface - Mercy Without Justice

  Mercy without justice is a form of enabling, pure sentimentality, over-pastoralism, or a display of cowardice. It is a recipe for disaster.  It is a false mercy, ad hence it is not love.  What do we mean?  Find out as BTS celebrates its 15th year of existence!

Beneath the Surface - Abolition of Man

  Will we one day see the abolition of man? Are we seeing its beginnings today?  Guest Bob Leblanc discusses C.S. Lewis' classic 'The Abolition of Man', beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Why?

  'Why?' is perhaps the most important question in the world.  We begin life asking it.  Why do we stop?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #11

Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano and his special guest Fr. Tony Blount on the Incarnation and spousal relationship between the Holy Spirit and Mary.

Beneath the Surface - Creed: #10

Why is heaven considered "up" and hell "down"?  Is there any real spatial significance to this?  What about heaven is up?   Let's delve Beneath the Surface, where faith and reason meet..