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Beneath the Surface - Mercy Without Justice

  Mercy without justice is a form of enabling, pure sentimentality, over-pastoralism, or a display of cowardice. It is a recipe for disaster.  It is a false mercy, ad hence it is not love.  What do we mean?  Find out as BTS celebrates its 15th year of existence!

Beneath the Surface - Lead Us Not Into Temptation

  Lent is a time to meditate on how best to overcome temptation. Christ was tempted in the desert in his 40 day journey, and we are tempted every day in some form or another. Jesus taught His disciples to pray that the Father 'lead us not into temptation'. What does He mean? Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Lent in the Age of Hedonism

  I go beneath the surface with my guest Tom Murphy on the purpose of sacrifice and penance and the challenge of living Lent in an age of self indulgence.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #4

  Must-see video - featuring Fr. Tony Blount. Fr. Tony is a gifted SOLT priest currently stationed in Detroit, MI. In this fourth episode of the series, "The Creed: Beneath the Surface", Paul and Fr. Blount delve beneath the surface on God's creation - both the visible and (especially) the invisible parts. Much of the discussion centers of angels and demons, heaven and hell. Get ready to ponder.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #3

  Our third show on The Creed: Beneath the Surface.   This episode we focus on the Father as first Person of the Trinity and Creator of the universe.  Particularly speculative questions are pondered. 

Beneath the Surface - Heaven

  Join us as we discuss that place for which every heart longs.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #2

  #2 in our series The Creed: Beneath the Surface Episode 2: (i believe)  IN ONE GOD

Beneath the Surface - I Believe

  Join Paul Murano in this  first episode  of a new Bts series on The Creed, called,  The Creed: Beneath the Surface Here we begin with Paul and his guest Bob Leblanc delving beneath the surface on the first two words of the Nicene Creed:  I believe Some of the questions tackled: What the difference between belief and faith? Belief and knowledge? Can you believe and still not accept? When is belief salvific?