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Beneath the Surface - The Meaning of Life

Tonight we go BTS with my guest John Tuturice on perhaps the biggest question of there is: What is the meaning of life?

Beneath the Surface - The Divine Logos

Scripture attests that God's infinite and eternal nature is not only Love, but also Reason or Truth. What does it mean that God is Reason, and what are the ramifications for other religions that believe God is Volition but not necessarily Reason? Is it possible to have Agape without Logos?

Beneath the Surface - Confession

Why Confession is vitally important - to our pyches, emotions, and soul.

Beneath the Surface - Faith and Fear

What role do faith and fear have in our lives?

Beneath the Surface - Loneliness

An epidemic of loneliness and depression has sprouted up in recent times. Paul and guest Johnny T delve beneath the surface on some its potential causes and solutions.

Beneath the Surface - What Is A Person?

Join us as we delve beneath the surface on the mystery of personhood.

Beneath the Surface - Purgatory

What is Purgatory?

Beneath the Surface - Clergy Scandal and Humanae Vitae

Hear Fr. Jurgen Liias speak about the sex abuse scandal and how it all relates back to Humanae Vitae.