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Beneath the Surface - Of All Things Visible and Invisible

Must-see video - featuring Fr. Tony Blount. Fr. Tony is a gifted SOLT priest currently stationed in Detroit, MI. In this fourth episode of the series, "The Creed: Beneath the Surface", Paul and Fr. Blount delve beneath the surface on God's creation - both the visible and (especially) the invisible parts. Much of the discussion centers of angels and demons, heaven and hell. Get ready to ponder.

Beneath the Surface - Mary and the New Eve

It's fascinating how Mary in Scripture unties the knot Eve helped us get into. She is the new Eve inasmuch as she is the un-Eve that repeats the opposite of her predecessor.

Beneath the Surface - Lost in the Cosmos

Why do so many feel lost today? In our post-Christian modern world we have lost our sense of identity, and it is like being spiritually "lost in the cosmos."

Beneath the Surface - What is Faith?

Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano to find out how we humans are a believing species, and to examine what is meant by the all-important word 'faith', without which there is neither sanity nor salvation.

Beneath the Surface - When Dreams Are Shattered and Hope Seems Lost

Is the common practice of having dreams a good idea?  How do we best deal with heartbreak, painful memories, and a very dark outlook on the future?  Paul and Kent Niebuhr expound on these questions and more.

Beneath the Surface - Heaven

Join us as we discuss that place for which every heart longs.

Beneath the Surface - Father Almighty

Our third show on The Creed: Beneath the Surface.   This episode we focus on the Father as first Person of the Trinity and Creator of the universe.  Particularly speculative questions are pondered. 

Beneath the Surface - Unjust Laws

Do we have a moral duty to follow unjust laws?  How do we know they're unjust?  If a civil law is not in line with natural law it is in essence, says Aquinas, null & void.  What does he mean?  Let's go Beneath the Surface.

Beneath the Surface - Equality

Are all men created created equal?  Is equality something to be grasped at?  Let's go beneath the surface.