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Beneath the Surface - The Meaning of Death

Why do we die?  Are we simply creatures of nature with a beginning and end?  What is the biblical message about man's gift of immortality and how it was squandered?  How ought we now look at human suffering and death?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Mary and the Feminine Dimension of Humanity

Delve beneath the surface with Paul and his guest John Tuturice to uncover the mysteries of the masculine and feminine dynamic that originates in the eternal Essence of God; and of Mary's role as icon of the Church and feminine principle through which God became man to redeem us.

Beneath the Surface - Equality

Are all men created created equal?  Is equality something to be grasped at?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Peace

What is Peace? Why are we so often not at peace, and why is it so elusive?  Let's go beneath the surface on what Christ wants to give us despite, or in the midst of, the unsettling storms in our lives.

Beneath the Surface - Divine Logos

Scripture attests that God's infinite and eternal nature is not only Love, but also Reason or Truth.  What does it mean that God is Reason, and what are the ramifications for other religions that believe God is Volition but not necessarily Reason?  Is it possible to have Agape without Logos?

Beneath the Surface - Angels

In this episode we go beneath the surface on the topic of angels.  What are they and how do we know about them?

Beneath the Surface - Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Why do people sacrifice themselves and what is the motivation for martyrdom?  We ask some serious questions about this universal phenomenon.