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Beneath the Surface - Lost in the Cosmos

Why do so many feel lost today? In our post-Christian modern world we have lost our sense of identity, and it is like being spiritually "lost in the cosmos."

Beneath the Surface - The Smoke of Satan

As the serpent entered the old garden, the smoke of Satan has entered the new. Paul and his guest Bob Leblanc discuss what the latest Church scandal with Cardinal McCarrick may mean for the bigger picture.

Beneath the Surface - Mercy Without Justice

Mercy without justice is a form of enabling, pure sentimentality, over-pastoralism, or a display of cowardice. It is a recipe for disaster. It is a false mercy, ad hence it is not love. What do we mean? Find out as BTS celebrates its 15th year of existence!

Beneath the Surface - Liberty and Law: Friends or Foes?

Law is the form of liberty, without which there is no freedom. Yet, modernity tends to see liberty and law as enemies. Delve beneath the surface with us as we consider true freedom.

Beneath the Surface - The Head and the Heart

It has long been said that one should follow one's heart, yet, there is often regret that more diligence wasn't paid to the head. Paul and his guest Kent go beneath the surface to discuss what is often meant by the head and the heart, and to which we should listen to follow.

Beneath the Surface - The Church and the Death Penalty

Join Paul and his guest John Tuturice go beneath the surface on the Church and the death penalty. We discuss what Pope Francis' change to the Catechism means, and whether or not there has been an essential change in Church teaching on the issue.

Beneath the Surface - What is Beauty?

What is beauty? Is it objective or simply subjective taste? Where do we find the ultimate standard?

Beneath the Surface - Who's the Boss?

Authority is found in every living body and community in the world, secular and religious. Paul and guest Bob Leblanc delve beneath the surface on the meaning and purpose of authority - the beauty of its use and ugliness of its abuse.

Beneath the Surface - The Population Myth

Is there a population problem in the world? Yes, but you'll be surprised at which kind.