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Beneath the Surface - Palm Sunday and Holy Week

  A review of Holy Week with guest Bob Leblanc

Beneath the Surface - Creed #9

  Divine Throughness. That is on what we delve beneath the surface.  All things are made by the Father through the Son, and return to the Father through the Son.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #8

  Delve beneath the surface on what it means to be eternally begotten and consubstantial; and the difference between being and person.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #7

 Episode 7 in the series  The Creed: Beneath the Surface Here Paul Murano and his guest Robert Leblanc discuss how God is Light, and the unfathomable mystery of the Son being eternally begotten of the Father.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #6

  Go beneath the surface with Paul and the astute Fr. Tony Blount on the meaning of line of the Creed "The only begotten Son of God, born of the Father before all ages"

Beneath the Surface - Creed #5

  #5 in a series on The Creed: Beneath the Surface.  This show we focus on the second Person of God, and break down the words Lord, Jesus, and Christ.  

Beneath the Surface - Meaning of Life

  Tonight we go BTS with my guest John Tuturice on perhaps the biggest question of there is: What is the meaning of life?

Beneath the Surface - Contraception Part 1

  Dr. Janet Smith, author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later, joins us beneath the surface as we delve into the truth about contraception - what it does to women, their health and well being, their prospective mate-selection; how it affects infertility, libido, the environment, and what it also does to males.  Crucially important information. This is a 'part one' of a two-part interview.

Beneath the Surface - Surrendering to the Will of God

Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano and Kent as they discuss what it means to surrender to the will of God, in good times and in bad.