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Beneath the Surface - Cleansing of the Temple

  We can use Christ cleansing the Temple in the Gospels as a metaphor for the continuous need of the Church to be cleansed as well as the temples of our own hearts.

Beneath the Surface - Blasphemy, Profanity, and Vulgarity

  A BTS look at the why of abuses in language: blasphemy, profanity, and vulgarity

Beneath the Surface - Unraveling My Father's Suicide

  We go beneath the surface with author Kathleen Laplante on her book and how she survived her father's suicide. From confusion, to anger, to despair, to hope in Christ.

Beneath the Surface - Creed #15

  Does God, who is all-merciful, actually judge us?  What is the role of Jesus in judging of the living and the dead?  Why is there a second judgment on the last day if the soul is already judged at the moment of death?  This and much more on The Creed: BTS, 15.

Beneath the Surface - MLK

  Martin Luther King's letter from Birmingham jail was a profound exposition on the natural moral law. It has ramifications on morality and law for us today.  Fascinating discussion!

Beneath the Surface - Equality

  Are all men created created equal?  Is equality something to be grasped at?  Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Truth

  There can be no happiness outside of truth.  What is truth?  Let's delve beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - Beauty

 What is beauty?  Is it objective or simply subjective taste?  Where do we find the ultimate standard?