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Beneath the Surface - Evolution and Faith

  Join Bob Leblanc and me interviewing  Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, PhD, STD, on the topic of evolution and the Catholic faith.

Beneath the Surface - What is Purgatory?

  What is Purgatory?

Beneath the Surface - In God We Trust

  It's on our money, but does our post-Christian culture really trust in God?  Delve Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano and his guest Kent Niebuhr to get a handle on what this national motto means and how best we can answer this question.

Beneath the Surface - What Is Faith?

  Go beneath the surface with Paul Murano to find out how we humans are a believing species, and to examine what is meant by the all-important word 'faith', without which there is neither sanity nor salvation.

Beneath the Surface - Freedoms of the First Amendment

  What freedoms does the First Amendment to the Constitution actually cover?

Beneath the Surface - Confession

  Why Confession is vitally important - to our pyches, emotions, and soul.

Beneath the Surface - Resurrection of Jesus

  Our thirteenth episode in the series, The Creed: Beneath the Surface.  We delve into the awe-inspiring meaning of Christ's gloriuous resurrection, and how it affects us.

Beneath the Surface - Liberty and Law

  Law is the form of liberty, without which there is no freedom. Yet, modernity tends to see liberty and law as enemies.  Delve beneath the surface with us as we consider true freedom.

Beneath the Surface - Head and Heart

  It has long been said that one should follow one's heart, yet, there is often regret that more diligence wasn't paid to the head. Paul and his guest Kent go beneath the surface to discuss what is often meant by the head and the heart, and to which we should listen to follow.