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Beneath the Surface - Tolerating Intolerance

Should we be tolerant about intolerance?  When is intolerance love and tolerance hate?

Beneath the Surface - Liberty and Independence

Must-hear radio! On Independence Day weekend 2015, join Paul in going beneath the surface with guests John Tuturice and Bob Leblanc on the true meaning of liberty and other very important points to consider.

Beneath the Surface - In God We Trust

Why is this phrase placed on our money, and what does it really mean?  Can we rightly say that a nation that aborts its children, erodes the family, is confused about what it means to be male and female, and values pets over humans a nation that is trusting God? Let's go beneath the surface.

Beneath the Surface - We Live In A Kingdom

After all the hullabaloo relating to the 2016 presidential election, it is worth reflecting, on the feast of Christ the King, the fact that we really live in a kingdom; the Kingdom of God.

Beneath the Surface - Science and Religion

Is science antithetical to religion?  Are faith, reason, and science three complementary avenues to the same Truth?  Why the polarities today in the media?  What is their real agenda?   Listen to Paul discuss these very important questions with his two guests John Tuturice and Bob Leblanc.  Must-hear radio for every truth-seeker.

Beneath the Surface - Gun Control and the Right to Bear Arms

A historical and practical look at the problem of gun control and the second amendment. What does it mean to have the right to bear arms in the midst of multiple mass shootings?

Beneath the Surface - Loneliness

An epidemic of loneliness and depression has sprouted up in recent times. Paul and guest Johnny T delve beneath the surface on some its potential causes and solutions.

Beneath the Surface - Race and Racism

We go beneath the surface on the concepts of race and racism, tackling questions such as these: Are there biological races?  What does human variation tell us?  Is it racist to be aware of racial distinctions and generalities?  Is Donald Trump a racist, as much of the mainstream media claims? 

Beneath the Surface - Contraception: Why Not? Part 2

Join Janet Smith and I for part two of my interview with her on contraception and Humanae Vitae.